April 8, 2012:
I just back from a the European leg of the "Dream Mechanism World Tour" with guitar/keyboard virtuoso
Tony MacAlpine. 24 shows in 16 countries in 30 days. We had a great time and played our butts off! Here's a clip from Bucharest, Romania !.

January 30, 2012:
Soul Sign "Life In The Dark"
is now also physically available on CD at Amazon.com, in stores worldwide via Super D, in Europe through InAndOutRecords, in US/WorldWide through cdUniverse and in Scandinavia through Ginza! (The album is of course still available for downloading through most digital on-line outlets)

I just did 2 hows in L.A. (with guests Bruce Kulick of Kiss and Marq Torian of Bullet Boys) and San Diego with guitar/keyboard virtuoso Tony MacAlpine. We have two shows in NoCal in Oakland,CA Feb 11 and Santa Clara,CA Feb 12 before we head out on a 5 week European Tour starting in Manchester, UK on Feb 21st.

I was very busy at the recent 2012 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA incl. 3 performances in Southern California with Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth All Star Band featuting Mark Boals (Y. Malmsteen), Warren DiMartini (Ratt) and Pete Holmes (MSG), as well as autograph signings/meet'n'greets for Carvin Bass Guitars and EBS amps/pedals.

November 12, 2011:
Back in L.A. after another successful US Tour with Yngwie Malmsteen. Check live clips here!

August 11, 2011:
I'm proud to announce the long-awaited release of Soul Sign's album "Life In The Dark"! Now on iTunes! Or check it out on Amazon!

July 15, 2011:
Had a blast performing with Tony MacAlpine at M.I. in Hollywood, CA yesterday (also feat. Marco Minnemann on drums & Nili Brosh on guitar)!  Also had a great visit to Sweden in June where I did a nice clinic, as well as a fun show as "Bjorn Englen & Friends" feat. Therion/Yngwie vocalist Mats Leven.

April 22, 2011:
Check out recent interviews at For Bass Players Only and Maximum Threshold!
Stay tuned for upcoming
tour dates!!

April 20, 2011:
I just played a couple of fun shows with "Soul Sign & Friends" feat. members of Offspring, Lynch Mob etc, and tried the Carvin Wireless system - worked out great!

Interview on Japanese radio station.
"Takin' it back" & rockin' out at The All Access Magazine Awards in Hollywood, CA Nov. 4th '06.  (Photo: Mike Cavanaugh)
Carvin LB70 Bass  Photo: Wildaxes
Bass Guitars, Wireless Systems & Accessories
Custom Guitar Picks
Carvin Photos: Anton Orlov for Carvin
Bjorn proudly & exclusively  uses:
Uli Jon Roth & Bjorn in Ventura 2011

James Lomenzo (Megadeth), Mike Davis (Halford)
& Bjorn signing at EBS at NAMM 2011
Y. J. Malmsteen's Rising Force  2011
(Patrick, Ripper, Yngwie, Nick & Bjorn)
(Full Page Ad in Bass Player Mag. 2010/11/12)
Photo: Anton Orlov for Carvin
Amps, Cabs & Pedals
With Yngwie in Denver 2011.
(Photo: S. Montgomery)
Mar 12, 2014:
It's been a good start of 2014 for me with lots of great shows with
Soul Sign, DIO Disciples and Tony MacAlpine, with more to come!
I have also done lots of recording sessions lately and I play on upcoming releases with Blackwelder, Hellion, My Name Is Janet, Wallner/Vain, Strangled By Strangulation, Sledge Leather and more. Check my Facebook and/or Twitter for release dates and links.
My main bass guitar is now the
Carvin PB4, and I'm now, as well as Soul Sign, endorsing Rock'n'Roll Gangstar Apparel.

Nov 13, 2013:
It's been a good fall with lots of sessions and a few shows with Soul Sign and DIO Disciples. Last weekend was fun at the Bass Player Live event in Los Angeles with jams, signings & greetings at Carvin basses and EBS amps/pedals.
Check my
Facebook page for pictures and more!

I look forward to
2014 starting with a Soul Sign show on Jan 10 in Huntington Beach CA, USA, followed by the big music convention NAMM with jams and signings Jan 23-26.
Then begins the recording of the
next Soul Sign album!

August 18, 2013:

I've been staying busy with lots of recording sessions lately...
We had a really nice
DIO Disciples tour of Canada, New York and New Jersey in July and we are heading back out for more dates in the mid-west in September incl. Chicago, Detroit, Ripper's Rock House and more...
I had a fun bass clinic at Carvin San Diego, CA on August 3rd and I'm looking forward to more
Carvin clinics in Santa Ana, CA Aug 24 and Hollywood, CA on Aug 31. Both start at 2pm. Admission is free with great gear giveaways!
Soul Sign will perform at The Joint in Los Angeles on Sep. 26!

July 10, 2013:
It's been a great year so far with great tours in Europe, US and South America with both Soul Sign and DIO Disciples with more to come incl. US/Canada with DIO D. in July and clinics for Carvin bass guitars in August. I was recently featured in the July  issue of Rock N Roll Industries Magazine so take a look. I'm now also officially endorsing Pick Guy custom guitar picks so check them out!
For more frequent updates, pictures and videos visit my
Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages!
Rock on & I hope to see you all on the road very soon!

Tony MacAlpine 2012         Photo: iConcert.ro
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Magazine, HU
Robin McAuley & Bjorn Englen.  (Photo: Ricci Rocks)
Cover of
Basista Magazine
April 2012
BRAND NEW ALBUM featuring Bjorn Englen + members of Leatherwolf, Player and Robin  McAuley!!  ORDER  NOW!!
SOUL SIGN September 2012:            (Photo: Alex Solca)
Mike Cancino, Bjorn Englen, Mark Boals, Jan Mengeling
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DIO Disciples at Monsters of Rock 2013