Bass Instructor
I have been teaching electric bass since 1990; Privately, at schools (incl. BIT), through clinics in US & Europe and through master classes at Los Angeles Music Academy.
I have toured and recorded with Gold- and Platinum-selling artists for nearly 20 years.
Los A
I teach students of all ages and levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced).
I teach most styles of music and bass techniques, and I work very well with kids and beginners.

I specialize in taking intermediate and professional Rock, Pop, Metal and Blues Bassists to a much higher level by making them understand bass playing and music in a deeper and more logical way. I teach techniques, fretboard orientation, effective practicing, speed learning and theory in a way that will rapidly improve your playing and confidence on stage and in the studio, as well as help you find your own style.

I cover anything or everything from Proper Right-/Left Hand Technique, Fretboard Orientation, Proper Warm Up, Tuning, Ear Training, Sight-/Chart Reading, Style Versatility, Groove, Timing and Theory to Speed Learning Techniques, Career Orientation, Gear Advice and much more. My approach is very patient and friendly.

If you have any questions of any kind or wish to take lessons at my studio or in your home (LA -, Ventura - or Orange County),
feel free to E-mail me at

"Bjorn Englen has helped me out a lot as a bass teacher."
(Christy Glenn, LA Session Bassist)

"Bjorn Englen polished up my bass skills for the film American Dreamer. Because of him I got up to snuff real quick."
(You Gotta Read This Magazine)
Quick Tip #1:
"Learning an instrument is a slow process. Be patient and remember to practise efficiently about 6 times per week in small doses !  Don't rush through the exercises !  Play everything perfectly as slow as possible and speed will come naturally ! "

Quick Tip  #2:

"Remember why you started playing in the first place !  Take it seriously but always try to have
fun with it !  In addition to taking lessons, get in or start a band !  Play with a drummer as much as possible, and stay open to all styles of music and bass playing !  Even if all you ever want to do is play one particular style of music or bass, playing or at least listening to different syles of music will make you a better bass player period."

Quick Tip #3:

"Understand that some people that you play with may pick on you or try to put you down. Remember to take this as a compliment, and understand that those kind of people do it because they're jealous of you. Usually because you're either better, better looking, younger or have a better track record than them. I have come across quite a few people like this in my career, but rarely do I choos
e to work with any of them anymore.
For questions or to schedule a lesson, please
E-mail me at !

5 Private (45 min.) Bass Lessons (In Person OR via Skype)

(NOTE: Housecalls are subject to a higher fee. Call or E-mail for details.)

30 min. World Wide Toll Free Phone Consultation/Instruction
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BLUES - The foundation of most modern styles. Here is where it all begins. Start out by learning a simple 12 Bar Blues ! Count each bar (to 4) you play and only play the root (the letter) of each chord ! When the 12 bar progression becomes somewhat natural you, begin to apply the most common bass lines on each chord, but in the beginning, make sure that you stay consistent and play the same figure/line on each chord. Listen to BB King, ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughn !

ROCK - learn lots of songs ! Try to figure out things by ear ! John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin is VERY versatile and I highly recommend that you learn his lines. Paul McCartney and Flea as well. But as a beginner you should try to look at stuff like AC/DC and old Van Halen ! GET IN or START A BAND ASAP regardless of your level as a player, even if you're taking taking lessons !

POP - turn on the local hit station and play along with popular songs ! Knowing rock, blues really helps. Knowing how to play many styles of music will improve your playing period. Listen to The Beatles and Sheryl Crow !

FUNK - octaves are being used alot. For example: One(lowA) and(hiA), Two(lowF#) and(hiF#), Three(lowG) and(hiG), Four(G#) etc. Also study 16th note grooves (Rocco Prestia from Tower of Power recommended). Groove is the key. Get together with a good drummer and practise (great for all styles!). Listen to Parliament, The Commodores and Earth Wind and Fire !

JAZZ - buy "The Real Book" ! Study harmony and theory ! Study chordtones and sit down and arpeggiate chords in different ways all over the neck ! Get a teacher ! Jazz takes a while to learn, so be patient ! Listen to Miles Davis and Marcus Miller !

METAL - make sure you know the basics of ROCK (see above) ! Practise both with your pick and with your fingers ! Your right hand technique, like in most other styles, is very important. Make sure your tone (the sound created with your fingers) is agressive and consistent ! Listen to Metallica, Judas Priest and Steve Harris from Iron Maiden !

COUNTRY - definetely learn the blues well first. Today's country is a lot like rock and pop. Learn how to use the "1" and the "5" (=1st and 5th note in the scale) ! For example: "1" on beat #1, "5" on beat#2, 1 on beat #3, 5 on beat#4 etc. Note: Remember there is a low5 and a hi5 ! Theory: In Nashville (where most Country is being recorded) players, writers and producers use numbers like 1, 4, 5, 2, 1 (=1st, 4th chord etc of the key the song is in) instead of chords (like Ami, Dmi, E7 etc). Listen to The Eagles !

REGGAE - Groove, groove and groove. Ya, Mon. Lots of 1 and 5 (and octave) in tons of different variations. Leave space between notes and let the music breathe ! Don't be afraid to turn up the volume, but cut out the highsand add bottom (bass) ! Also try using your thumb while muting the strings at the bridge with the side of your hand ! This will give you a nice and muddy sound, perfect for Reggae. Listen to Bob Marley and The Wailers !

LATIN - Lots of 1 and 5 (and octave) (for example 1 55 1, 1 55 1 etc). It's all about keeping the right groove and feel.