All of Bjorn's
Carvin Basses
are equipped with
Hipshot Bass Xtenders & Hardware,
strung with
Mari Strings,
picked with 3 fingers or
Pick Guy Guitar Picks
and connected with
Carvin Wireless Systems
Spectraflex Cables
EBS Amps, Speaker Cabinets & Pedals
that are protected by

Gator Pedal Cases

Carvin makes bass guitars with fantastic tone, design and durability! All made in the USA!
Bjorn plays Carvin SB, PB & Icon series 4-, 5-string and fretless basses. Bjorn also uses Carvin Wireless Systems for live perfomances.

Simply the most clear and true sounding amp systems out there! Their amazing engineering reflects greatly on the EBS pedals as well. Bjorn tours and records with the powerful and much versatile and recently released Fafner II amp with 8x10 cabinets, as well as MultiComp and MultiDrive Pedals.

Mari Strings
Daniel Mari's father was the founder of LaBella Strings, and Daniel used to custom make strings for greats such as The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. Daniel is truly a master of string making and his factory manufactures strings for any string instrument you can imagine ! Bjorn has played Mari Strings since 1997, and strings his electric and acoustic guitars with them as well. He strings all his basses with the Spiral 2000 gauged .045, .065, .085, .105. These strings as well as the even gauge gives him even tension through out the neck as well as a strong, versatile and longlasting sound.

Hipshot D-tuners
With the simple flick of a switch you can tune your E-string to a D or as low as a C !  Bjorn has used them on his basses since 1991. They come in chrome, black or gold, are easy to install and are available for almost all models of basses. A great investment !  Bjorn also uses Hipshot
Ultra Lites Bass Tuning Machines to reduce weight and to balance his basses.

is the most flexible, practical, reliable, comfortable and durable instrument cable on the market.

Pick Guy Bass/Guitar Picks
Bass/Guitar Picks with perfect grip, control and tone.

Gator Pedal Cases

Very functional, practical & protective and goes with Bjorn everywhere world wide!

Bjorn also uses
Samson Vocal Mics
Carvin Guitar Amps & Cabinets
Lucky 13 Clothing

Check out this quick rundown of Bjorn's live rig from!
Special Thanks to:
Bo Engberg, Ralf Bjurbo & Mats Kristoffersson at EBS
Jeff Kiesel, Mark Kiesel, Richard Cruz & Manny Huerta at Carvin
Daniel Mari at Mari Strings
Dave Borisoff & Jason Ungleich at Hipshot
Dave Russell at Spectraflex
Carson Randolph at Pick Guy
Brian Larsen at Gator Cases
Tim "Ripper" Owens & all at Samson
All at Lucky 13